Finally Have Lashes Of Your Dreams

Posted by Paula Pennypacker on Nov 14, 2022

Finally Have Lashes Of Your Dreams

Mascara in shades made for red hair

Join the Redhead Revolution! As We Are Unique. 

After all we make up only 2 percent of the population because of our special hair, special skin, special complexion, and our special fiery personality. That is why mascaras designed for brunettes will not do for we redheads. After all, we are a special club, so why not have beauty products designed just for us? Well your Google search landed you on the page where redheads finally have lashes. Lashes that are natural looking instead of black. Lashes to go from almost invisible to a warm ginger shade that matches your hair. Lashes to soften your look instead of a harsh, made up look. In other words simply the best mascara for redheads.

Why a Special Mascara for Redheads?

There are five shades of redheads: champagne, the lightest, strawberry blonde, my color, copper, red, and auburn. One similarity that almost all these shades of red have is our light to pale eye lashes and brows. This is a huge beauty feature that conventional mascara manufacturers overlook when designing mascara that is black and black/brown (that looks black on our pale lashes). Conventional mascaras are way too harsh on those of us with pale lashes. 

That is why, when our mascaras hit the market, almost 30 years ago, it was huge news. After all, redheads want a natural, wholesome look just like our darker-haired sisters, why should we be stuck with a look that makes us look fake? Like we have raccoon eyes? Like a hooker in makeup?

Ginger Coco Mascara the best mascara for redheads

Well not anymore. Our Hall-of-Fame mascara line-up includes 4 ginger-colored shades: Ginger Brown, a warm brown without any black; Ginger Auburn, a warm auburn shade; All available in our Studio and Naturelle series. Ginger Red, a warm red/brown shade, and Ginger Cocoa, a slight blonde/brown shade. JFR’s mascara are shipped worldwide through retailers like Amazon and are available our website here.

My Mascara Line-Up

I wear our Ginger Brown shade for a darker more dramatic look for evening. Ginger Auburn or Red for everyday ware. And Ginger Cocoa for my totally natural, go-to-the gym look.  Ginger Cocoa is our top seller for redhead teens who are just starting to wear makeup. How fun!

How JFR's Mascara's Became A Global Sensation

Over the years -- JFR's Mascara and beauty products have become a favorite of Hollywood. Our mascara has been worn by many redhead celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, in one of her most famous movies, Bounce. The evergreen, Harry Potter, opted for JFR’s beauty products on the entire redheaded Weasley family. Cynthia Nixon also wore our hair extensions in the TV web series, Sex, and The City. Even Jeopardy - the hit game show  -  included JFR in one of its questions during a game round.

I don’t know about you, but I could not live without our ginger mascaras, because mascara is the one product that I will never leave the house without as my pale lashes makes me look tired and washed out. 

Check Out All Our Beauty Products

Be sure to also check out our other redhead beauty products as our complexion also demands special foundationsblushers, and lipsticks so you can truly discover your natural beauty. Catering to those special needs has been our mission for almost 30 years. Finding your true natural beauty has never been easier.

JFR has amazing products for redheads, but there are a few other things you should know about eyelash health too. 

Here are 6 tips for healthy eyelashes:

  • Be gentle! If your daily makeup removal process involves tugging or pulling at your delicate lashes, you are likely to irritate them or pull them out. Pat or dab them instead.
  • Your eyelashes need to be conditioned occasionally, just like your hair does. Use a lash conditioner like JFR’s Lash Conditioner and Thickener to get long thick healthy lashes.
  • If your mascara clumps on your lashes, comb through it immediately while it is still wet.
  • Replace your mascara every three to six months to reduce the chance of bacteria transferring to your eyes. Mascara has about the shortest shelf life of any makeup type so it is important to remember when it needs to be replaced.
  • If you get an eye illness (like pink eye), replace your mascara and any other makeup that you use near your eyes (eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc)
  • Touch your eyes as little as possible and, when you do, make sure you wash your hands first.