Remy Human Hair

  • Redhead Remy Hair Scrunchies

    Redhead Remy Hair Scrunchies

    Remy Hair Scrunchies Do you seek something that you can wear anytime, anywhere? Want that messy bun scrunchie look? Look no further -- as our red scrunchies will make your hair look so stunning that almost no one can see it is the perfect solution. What...

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    Now: $75.00
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  • Model Wearing Copper Real Hair Bang. Looking for a great alternative to traditional bangs? Check out natural bang clip! Made from remy hair, this clip in bang is perfect for those with natural hair.

    Remy Hair Bang

    Remy Clip in Bangs for Red Hair JFR's natural red clip in bangs are a great alternative for those who want to have bangs but don't have the commitment to cutting them.The clip attaches to the top of your hair and lets you cut, curl, and style it as you...

    Was: $110.00
    Now: $55.00
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  • Paula is wearing Sole Remy Hair Topper in Strawberry Blonde. A real hair topper is a great way to add volume and style to your hair.

    Remy 9 inch Hair Topper - Sole

    Red Hair Topper 9 inch long in length Your search for Remy hair extensions in red shades is over. If you're looking to add volume and fullness to your look, red hair toppers are the way to go! Our toppers come in a variety of colors and styles made...

    Was: $240.00
    Now: $120.00
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  • remy human hair topper shown in Copper. Now you can add instant all-around volume to your bang, crown, sides, and back. Say goodbye to thinning parts with this red hair topper made of real human hair.

    Remy 16 inch Hair Topper - Luna

    Remy 16 inch Hair Topper - Luna Paula created this fantastic 16" natural hair extension with her friend, famous Italian hair designer, Sonia DiMaria. Our Luna Topper allows you to add volume to all areas of your hair, including your bang, crown,...

    Was: $340.00
    Now: $170.00
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  • Paula with 18" hair extension.  Looking for a luxurious hair extension that you can treat as your own? Look no further than our 18" natural hair extension!

    Remy Hair Extensions - 18 Inch

    Real Hair Extensions - 18 Inch Looking for natural looking shades of red hair extensions is all but impossible. That is why Paula teamed up with renowned Italian hair designer, Sonia DiMaria, to create this luxurious 18" Remy hair extension just...

    Was: $400.00
    Now: $195.00
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  • Shown in Strawberry Blonde. Looking for a way to add some extra fullness and volume to your red hair? Check out our magnificent 14" natural hair extension, just for redheads!

    Remy Hair Extensions - 14 Inch

    Real Hair Extensions - 14 inch Paula teamed up with, Italian, famous hair designer, Sonia DiMaria, to create this magnificent 14" natural hair extension. Remy hair, in natural-looking red shades, is all but impossible to find. Remy hair is...

    Was: $200.00
    Now: $100.00
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