Age-Defying Treatments

Age-Defying Treatments

Redheads! Protect your delicate skin from premature aging.
Our age-defying products are designed to prevent premature aging and restore youthful-looking skin.  Over 25 years of research has provided a wealth of insight resulting in truly amazing formulas.  You'll save up to 80% off salon pricing, and get the results you expect.

Paula keeps her youthful appearance with the JFR Skin Care products that she has designed!


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  • Brightening Day Protection SPF 50  lightweight daily moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 50 provides both hydration and protection against sun damage. Perfect for everyday use, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth while keeping it safe from the harmful effects of the sun.

    Brightening Day Protection SPF 50

    Brightening Day Protection SPF 50  Lightweight daily moisturizer with wide-spectrum SPF 50. Hydrates and protects against sun damage and premature aging. Promotes luminosity, while inhibiting discoloration and diminishing dark spots. What's...

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  • Hydrating Eye Cream in 4 oz package.  Gently removed makeup and pore-clogging impurities. softens and conditions skin as it cleanses. Normalizes and balances skin.

    Hydrating Eye Cream

    Hydrating Eye Cream A comprehensive eye capsule hydration process to smooth, reconstitute, and lighten arid epidermis. This first-class cream reinforces and soothes the whole eye zone. How To Use: After cleansing, gently pat with a finger an even...

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  • Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub for your face. Looking for a gentle but effective way to remove dead skin cells? Look no further than our enzyme exfoliating scrub!

    Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub

    ENZYME EXFOLIATING SCRUB  Dual-Action Facial Scrubber. Our Exfoliating Papaya Extract delivers smooth and delicate removal of dead skin cells while simultaneously purifying your face. Restoring a youthful clarity and texture to your skin. Shed...

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