Frequently Asked Henna Questions

With a little practice, you will become your own JFR Henna expert! Remember: ALWAYS begin with a strand test. 

Is Henna good for your hair? 

There is nothing better for your hair! Henna is a natural product that conditions and adds shine, body, and texture to your hair. The healthiest thing you can do to color your hair is to use JFR Henna. It is 100% natural, with no harmful, toxic chemicals. 

What is the key to a good henna application? 

The secret is to ALWAYS do a strand test first. Everyone's hair is different, and always changing. A strand test is key to determining the outcome of the application. Here's how: Mix a small amount of JFR Henna and apply to a finger-width amount of hair on the side of your head. Then view the results. If more color is desired, add 5 or more minutes to the timing of your henna pack. The longer the henna pack is on, the more red is deposited. Darker redheads, or those with brown in their hair, can leave the henna on longer than lighter redheads. 

For best results, we suggest JFR's specially-designed applicator brush, which makes application a breeze. You should also watch Paula's easy to follow, step-by-step application video on our website. 

If I have at least 20% grey -- what should I do? 

You will benefit from our two step process. First, apply JFR Champagne or Strawberry Blonde for 30 minutes for a base application. Wash out, then do the second step, using the JFR color of your choice for another 20 to 30 minutes. 

If I'm in between two colors, can I mix JFR henna?

Yes, many JFR customers mix their JFR Henna. We recommend that you do not start mixing shades until you try the single shades first. That way, you can determine whether you need to go lighter or darker. For example: Paula mixes one tablespoon Copper and one tablespoon Auburn to get her perfect shade, and leaves that mixture on for 30 minutes. With practice, eventually you will become skilled at creating just the look you desire. 

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