​5 Beauty Tips for Redheads

​5 Beauty Tips for Redheads

Posted by Paula Pennypacker, Founder on Dec 5th 2019

Use Our Black/Brown Mascara For Evening And Sport A More Natural Look For Day With Our Lighter More Natural Ginger-Colored Mascaras

Everyone wants a darker more dramatic look for those special evenings out, so that is why we added Luxury Chestnut to our mascara Hall of Fame line-up. This mascara is perfect for evening wear. Now your options are endless. Choose Luxury Chestnut Mascara, the darkest in our line, for evening. Or choose GingerBrown, GingerAuburn, GingerRed and GingerCocoa for day wear. GingerCocoa, the lightest mascara in our line, is perfect for teen redheads who are just starting to wear makeup, or for a totally natural go-to-the-gym look.

Skip Black For Brows

Have you ever noticed that the easiest way to spot someone who colors their hair is by the color of their brows? If someones brows are dark brown or black, or they don’t match their hair color -- chances are — their hair is chemically enhanced. Nothing wrong with that, as we sell to a lot of women who color their hair. Our brow products allows anyone with red hair, natural or color enhanced, to add just the right amount of red or blonde their brows for a more natural all around look.

Rock Pink And Red Lips Confidently

To my dismay, when I was growing up, the only thing my mother would buy me that was red/pink or purple -- was red/pink or purple pajamas. Her rule of thumb? No red/pink or purple on a redhead. All though I hate to admit it, she was partially right about that -- at least when it comes to clothing. That said, we do look amazing in lipstick that is red or pink (never purple) so long as it is a warm red/pink. That is why my go-to lipsticks are our top selling Mineral Desir, an amazing warm red without any blue in it, for evening. And my everyday look Mineral Beach, a warm peachy/pink shade. For the gym. I wear our Mineral Chestnut or Mushroom for a totally natural looking lip.

Naturally Keep Your Tresses Red by Using Our 100% Natural Henna

We redheads are so lucky that we can color our hair with a product that is 100% natural. Our environment is toxic enough without adding more to the mix with chemical hair dyes. As redheads age, some redheads get lighter and some get darker. My hair would look almost platinum blonde if I did not color with our henna. This natural process has allowed me to bring back the strawberry blonde color of my youth. Unlike chemical process that dries out your hair, our henna will not only color your hair, it will also condition and add shine. For those who want to just brighten up their existing color and deposit the least amount of red, choose our Champaign Henna. For a more vibrant color red choose from Strawberry Blonde, Copper, Red, and Auburn. For a free Henna Consultation, text me your photograph to: 480-221-0976.

Black Clothing Looks Great On Redheads So Long As It Is Not Close To The Face

Like eye shadows, clothing choices on redheads, is always a personal preference. So here are my tips for what you will find in my closet as well as a few tips I personally follow. First off -- black! I love black, but I always wear it cut away from my face, That means that I don’t own a single black turtleneck sweater. I do however own black button down sweaters, pants, skirts, and tops. And who doesn’t own a few black dresses, but the neckline is key as I believe black too close to your face drains out the color from our pale complexions. Other colors that you will not find in my closet? Blue reds, pinks, yellow, bright lime green, and purple. Colors that abound in my closet? Teal (my all time favorite), blues, creams, taupes, browns and some greens.