Angela's Breathtaking Look

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(1) Mineral Lipstick Cashmere (MLC)                      $19.99

(1) Lip Liner S'mores Waterproof Gel (LPSM)          $19.99

(1) Cheek Contour Coral (CCC)                              $29.99

(1) Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner in Khaki (REK)  $19.99

(1) Brow Stick Ginger Auburn (BSGA)                     $13.99

(1) Mascara Naturelle in Ginger Auburn (GAM)        $16.99

(1) New Dual-Activ Foundation Light Beige (DALB)   $34.99

(1) Magnetic Blusher Rose Petal (BLRP)                   $12.99






(No reviews yet) Write a Review