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The Best Beauty Products for Red Hair


Just for Redheads became a name in the cosmetics business because Paula Pennypacker grew tired of wearing cosmetics designed for darker haired women. Black mascara, or black/brown that looks black on redheads, look-at-me orange eyebrows, stark contours, and shiny blue/red lips is all that was available on the conventional market.


So in 1993 Paula designed a revolutionary cosmetics line to highlight a redhead's natural look. Our mascaras are specifically designed for those with pale lashes and brows. We cater to all shades of red hair, offering the best products for red hair on the market. From strawberry blondes, copper, and auburns. Even blondes love our true warm brown/taupe mascaras and brow products. Thirty years later, Just for Redheads Beauty products has developed into a global brand serving millions of redheads worldwide. Our commitment to providing top-quality redhead beauty products remains unwavering.