Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Cream

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JFR Brings You An Amazing Advancement In Anti-Aging Peptide Technology!

Our new Peptide Wrinkle Relaxing Cream is a potent night-time triple acting formula that works synergistically to reduce muscle contractions, while simultaneously stimulating your body to increase both collagen and elastin production.
Clinical tests have shown a real reduction of wrinkle depth, resulting in a pronounced "anti-shadow" effect and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.
* The area occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by over 28%
* The complexity of wrinkles (cultaneous roughness) is reduced by over 28% as well.

Application: After cleansing (JFR Cream cleanser is highly recommended) apply over entire face, massaging with upwards motion until absorbed thoroughly.
Use nightly for optimal results.