New Product Alert: Just For Redheads Hair Extensions

Just when you thought that Just For Redheads was only a makeup company, it launches a line of Hair So Fair Hair Extensions. Redheads constantly write in complaining that there aren't enough products on the market for them, but now there are lengths, styles and colors galore suited just for them.

Available in champagne, strawberry blonde, copper, red and auburn and in four different styles: the Diva Look (22" clip-on extension), Medium Hair (14" clip-on extension), the Hair Comb, and the Hair Scrunchie.






All of the extensions are made from 100% synthetic Keraflex fiber and are made to look natural while amplifying volume. Designer Sonia DeMaria collaborated with JFR owner Paula Pennypacker to create something soft and silky that gives you instant thickness and variety. To see the line and to watch videos on how to use the extensions click here. Take it away, Red!

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