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100% Natural Henna.
Healthy Hair Coloring & Conditioning


Safely Restore, Color, Condition, Volumize Your Beautiful Hair
With the World's Leading Natural Redhead Hair Coloring.

As redheads continue to turn away from toxic chemicals in an effort to protect their lovely locks, JFR set out to find and develop a healthier alternative to hair coloring. JFR is on the leading edge of the natural, healthy henna revolution.

JFR Henna is made from ONE ingredient, the leaves of the lawsonia plant. 100% pure and natural, it actually strengthens hair. This generation of henna is not like the henna Lucille Ball used. Now you can add depth of red, and brown shades to your hair without all the harsh chemicals. Unlike chemical processes that make your hair look artificial by coloring it all one color, henna maintains a natural look by adding vibrant highlights and an overall glow to otherwise dull hair.

Whether you would like to add color to your hair, eliminate grey, or simply treat yourself to one of nature's finest conditioners, JFR Henna is for you!

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for 100% Natural Henna Healthy Hair Coloring Conditioning
"Today I watched the JFR Henna video again and decided today was the day to do my hair. My hair is very short so I used five heaping tablespoons of henna, one heaping teaspoon olive oil. I used my whisk to stir in the boiling water. It was so easy! I used the applicator to brush it on. After twenty minutes I shampooed as directed and voila' my hair is a beautiful strawberry blonde jut what I had hoped for. Boy, I wish I had done this years ago. I will never, never, never use anything else. Thank you Paula. Can't wait to show it to all my friends." Sincerely,
Margaret Deemer Lewes, De

"As I stood at my kitchen counter preparing my henna, I was overcome with thankfulness for JFR. Thank you for making a phenomenal product that is easy to use and wonderfully healthy for my hair. I get compliments on my hair daily. Without JFR henna I would be barely recognizable as a redhead as I am prematurely grey. With JRF henna I am the redhead I have always been and will ALWAYS continue to be! Thank you JFR for making that happen for me and other titian haired beauties all over the world!" -- Rachel Reed, OR
"Thank you! JFR Henna has been the solution to all my redhead problems. My gorgeous dark red/auburn hair has been fading over time, and of course grays are coming in, more each year. I'm nearly half gray in some areas. I want to thank Paula for personally talking with me on the phone a few months back about my henna technique and getting things figured out. It's working: grays are covered, no ugly orange tones from leaving henna on too long, and I have hair that my own 74-year-old mother thinks is natural. That is the ultimate test: if your mom thinks you look like you always have, then you're doing something right. Thank you, JFR! I tell all my redheaded friends and acquaintances about you!" -- Susan Lindsey, Seattle, WA
"I have used your Auburn henna for years. My stylist tells me to "keep it up" because she can't give me the natural highlights I get from JFR Henna. I've tried store comparison!! Thank you for a wonderful product and fantastic service!" -- Emily Connor, LA
"My new hairstylist is in awe of my "natural" strawberry blonde hair. I told her I use JFR Strawberry Blonde henna and she was shocked! A stranger commented today, 'My hair used to be that color but it faded as I got older.' I told her, 'So did mine, until I found JFR Henna!!!'" -- Rebecca Comier, NE
"I've been using your henna for 9 years. Almost every day, someone admires my hair color. This is the first henna product that has given me back my original color. I use Champagne mixed with a little Strawberry. It is a great product! Thank you for making it available to redheads everywhere!" -- Linda Cahan, NY
"I can honestly say JFR is the best product I have ever used that matches perfectly with my auburn hair. I have since switched makeup to JFR and it's like I'm a new woman. Thanks for making a great product for us auburn girls. I love being a redhead and I love using a product that enhances my natural color and skin tone." -- Frances Spear, IL
"I am so glad a girlfriend talked me into trying JFR Henna. My hair has such a wonderful, healthy glow!" -- Mary Ernst, TX
"Even though my hairdresser didn't like me trying JFR Henna, I did and the results are simply amazing. My hair looks and feels like it did when I was young, and I get so many wonderful compliments." -- Cindi Mayfield, CT