Hi-Def Cream To Powder Foundation

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Hi Def Cream To Powder Foundation

Creates a complexion that looks naturally perfect, even in bright or harsh lighting in front of high definition cameras. Covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible. A redhead's answer to a high-performance foundation in four amazing shades. Moisturizing with SPF 15 to protect skin.

1 oz. jar

"I used the Capri Hi-Def Foundation - which was FANTASTIC. Even shooting in 100 degree weather, for 12 hours at a time, my foundation rarely needed to be touched up." - Hollywood actress Tara Cardinal

"I just wanted to say thank-you for this incredible HD Foundation I just received in the mail. This is truly the best foundation I have ever worn. People are asking me what I'm doing to have such beautiful skin - and I'm 52! It erases my fine lines, closes up the large pores, helps maintain facial moisture and overall helps me look fantastic. I'm telling everyone about it!" - Veronica Rynn, Newport, RI

"I am delighted to report that after using JFR Hi-Def Foundation for two concerts, my makeup looked as good after a two hour concert as it did at the beginning. This is a miracle - I've been looking my entire life for makeup like yours!" - Orchestra Conductor Sarah Brockman, NY