Redhead's Dream Enzyme Skin Care System + Bonus Vitamin C Serum!

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Redhead's Dream Enzyme Skin Care System-

Kit Includes:

             Papaya Enzyme Cleanser (SCPE)
             Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub (SCEES)
             Papaya Enzyme Toner (SCPET)
             Brightening Day Protection SPF 50 (SCBD)
             Enzyme Eye Cream (SCEE)
             Hydrating Night Cream (SCHC)

BONUS: Vitamin C Serum (additional $25 value)

Enzymes are extremely beneficial to a redhead's skin care routine. They have two amazing benefits: exfoliation and anti-inflammation. Certain enzymes are effective exfoliants and can be gentler than other methods like scrubs and microdermabrasion. The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells containing keratin protein. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the keratin protein, resulting in smoother skin. Papaya enzymes are particularly effective. Enzymes can also protect against damage from sun, environmental pollutants and even acne.

Our Redhead's Dream Enzyme Skin Care Line is gentle, moisturizing, and wonderfully nourishing.

Save over $50 off salon retail pricing when you buy the entire system!