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At JFR our staff is 100% dedicated to making your experience with us the very best possible.
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Call Toll Free (800) 831-8240
JFR Customer Care Specialists are available directly
Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM AZ Time
or leave message for next business day call back.
We will NEVER outsource our customer service!

Complete Customer Assurance Policy
At Just for Redheads, we value your input, as it helps us to improve our future products and services. If a JFR item isn't working for you, we offer our 60-day money back or exchange guarantee. Simply mail the item(s) back, and request a refund or exchange. We will get you taken care of promptly. If you need advice or have a question, please contact us at any time.
JFR has earned a top customer service award by an independent Yahoo survey for 23 consecutive years.
We are also a certified Google Trusted Store.

JFR Customer Care
(800) 831-8240

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16622 North 91st Street
Bldg B, Suite 101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Customer Privacy Policy
At JFR, your personal information is completely protected.
We do not sell or rent our mailing lists to anyone.
We respect the complete privacy wishes of our clients.

Safe Shopping Policy
We assure that your credit card information through our JFR web site is 100% safe.
There is no other access to your information, and we guarantee it.

It is our privilege to serve your beauty needs.
As a redhead who has experienced years of frustration, you have my personal assurance that Just for Redheads is just for you!

JFR proudly serves the beauty needs of redheads the world over!
For our US customers, we offer a variety of shipping methods depending on your needs.

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For our international customers, we ship with the lowest possible international shipping rates.
Please note, we cannot be responsible for any customs charges that an individual country may unfortunately impose.

Paula Pennypacker
Founder & President
Just for Redheads Beauty Products

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"Just For Redheads is a first-rate company. There products are excellent, shipping is lightning quick, and customer service is first-rate." - Barbara Burns, NY
"The new Mascara Voyage is your best mascara yet! I love the new wand- wonderful coverage- This mascara does not come off till you take it off! Love, Love, Love!!!" - Sandra Brassil Charlotte, NC
"Love this company!!" - N. carlson, OR
"The quality is second to none! Paula has made a line of products for each colour of red hair. I have been using these products for almost 20 years and have never been disgruntled with anything I have purchased. Thank you Paula!" - BB Anderson Mt Pleasant TX
"I absolutely LOVE the creme eyelighter eye shadows.

Can't get a finish like that with a regular shadow - even if I used a bunch of different professional make-up brushes!
It was effortless...I even applied it with the tip of my finger!" - Remy O'Connor, Chicago
"Every fall & winter my hands dry and crack. This year has been no exception until I tried JFR's new Cucumber Lotion. The lotion soaks right in moisturizing my poor hands without leaving them greasy." Great new product!! - Naomi Townsend, NY
"Love Just for RedHeads. The products look so good on our unique skin tones. I appreciate the info available online and personal consultation by e-mail to help me make my selections!" - Mellisa Evans, LA
Thank the Gods for JFR, it's the best beauty products I've ever used and I'll never stop using it! Kind regards, A greatful redhead! - Aurora Fjeldheim, Norway
"Wonderful Products! Arrived in ultra-fast time & I received a free gift! Excellent in every way! THANK YOU JFR!" - Robin Garvin, GA
... I have never received more compliments on my copper hair color as I have now that I use your Henna...LOVE IT... - Kim Smith, OH
Love your mascara. I will NEVER buy anything else. All my life I have searched for a product that would look natural with my hair. Now I have you. - Sandra Stanger, MO
Thanks for always being prompt and dependable. I love your products. -Sandra Jenson, IL
LOVE your products - the only makeup that's ever looked natural on me. - Karen Lindsey, MD
I love JFR bronzers! All the others I have tried have made my skin look "dirty" the JFR bronzers gives me a healthy glow!!!! - Laura,So.Cal.
I'm constantly getting compliments on my JFR lipstick..My son always knows what I want for holidays.. JFR gift certificate! - Tammy Delany, GA
I absolutly LOVE your mascara!- April Cummin, MT
Thank you very much for your products. JFR products are gradually replacing everything else in my makeup bag. This is truly the greatest gift a redhead could possibly find for herself, the colors are perfect for the skin tone and hair color. - Lena, New York
JFR Mascara is wonderful. Please please please keep making it forever. - Maggie Koerth, MD
I love JFR mascara, I would not use any other kind. And the customer service is great, they are polite and quick to answer any questions - Sandy Denison, London