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Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions
Designed in Milan, Italy
The world's finest Keraflex fiber hair extensions. Applies without heat or glue.

Actress Cynthia Nixon wears our Diva Extension in the new SEX & THE CITY movie! Also worn by actresses Nicole Kidman and Isla Fisher.

Determine Desired Shade
Synthetic Color Test Ring (Returnable)
Compare at: $19.00Our Price: $17.99
Redhead Synthetic Hair Scrunchies
Item #ZS+
Compare at: $55.00Our Price: $25.99
Medium hair Extension
Item #ZX+
Compare at: $129.00Our Price: $79.99
Redhead Diva hair Extension
Item #ZD+
Compare at: $199.00Our Price: $99.99
Hair Comb - Super Special!
Item #ZC+
Compare at: $119.00Our Price: $39.99
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for Synthetic Hair Extensions
" Wow! I'm really impressed with the JFR hair extension! When I put in on, it looks so natural on me. My husband loves it! " - Emily Procter, Chicago