Gentle Rescue Dual Action Makeup Remover

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Anti-aging and conditioning! 

The JFR Gentle Rescue Dual Action Makeup Remover is a unique infusion of purified water, Aloe Leaf Extract, Cucumber Extract, and Fruit Extract. It effectively yet gently removes all traces of makeup: face, eyes, (mascara) and lips.  Even waterproof items!!

Two simple stages: The surfactant oil combination loosens makeup while the pure water washes it away, leaving skin clean and refreshed without any oily residue. This unique, two-phase makeup remover is an excellent, gentle, complete makeup remover that actually conditions eye lashes, brows, and lips every time you use it. 

Application: Shake well before use. Apply to a cotton ball then massage gently in a circular motion to desired areas. 

1 oz. Bottle
Paraben Free
Made In USA