Determining Your JFR Mascara Selections

Paula explains the different benefits of each JFR Mascara.
Learn how to select which JFR Mascara is best for your unique needs!

Begin with identifying what you would like to accomplish with your mascara. (as every redhead is unique)
Most clients actually evolve to using a combination of both shades and formulas.
You may be interested in matching your lash color exactly, lengthening your lashes, conditioning them, or changing the color to add drama. 
Most times it's a combination of several attributes.
After your goal, you can proceed to determine which attributes offered by our different formulas will be best for you.

All JFR Mascara formulas are made in the USA!
All are hypo-allergenic, completely fiber-free, and designed to meet the most discriminating needs of every redhead.
They will change your life!

"I've never put on mascara that actually looks right on me until now! I'll never go back. I'm replacing all of my makeup right now, and my next order will be from Just for Redheads!" - E. Slavowski, MA


*GingerCocoa - Our lightest shade is a lovely light brown color great for those with clear to blonde lashes. Gives a light hint of color for a soft natural look. A favorite shade of junior redheads.

*GingerRed - Natural strawberry blonde to copper color. Great for those who would like to stay close to their natural hair color. Gives the perfect amount of red for strawberry blondes.

*Cinnamon - This all-new shade is perfect for redheads desiring a burst of beautiful but natural color; a bit darker than GingerRed. One of Paula's favorite shades to blend with!

*GingerAuburn - Deep, natural auburn shade. Perfect for those with natural auburn hair to make your lashes appear true. Or for those with lighter hair, wear for a little more color without the fear of looking too harsh.

*GingerBrown - The perfect brown that will never turn black. This mascara has warm undertones to help compliment red hair and add just the right amount of drama. Also marvelous for blending.


To instantly create a completely natural look with real color, choose MASCARA NATURELLE, the mascara that launched JFR, in a water-resistant clump-free formula.

If you would like a more durable formula for a more active lifestyle, that defines lashes with more separation, creating evenly fanned out volume, choose MASCARA VOYAGES.

If you would like to create camera-ready eyes, as well as amazing volume, all while giving your lashes the care they need with special conditioning agents, use MASCARA STUDIO.

For a truly-waterproof mascara, use MASCARA SUPREME WATERPROOF. Has been worn by members of the US Olympic swim team!

If you have sensitive eyes or were previously unable to wear mascara due to allergies, try MASCARA SUPREME SENSITIVE EYE; an irritation-free experience and a great look. Many customers who could NEVER wear mascara before LOVE our Supreme Sensitive Eye!

Don't forget about our Lash Thickener and Conditioner. This most overlooked pre-mascara essential has become a JFR customer favorite. A completely fiber-free formula, creating longer, fuller lashes. Nourish, condition, and strengthen your lashes with every application!

If your lashes could use a growth boost, try our Lash Growth Enhance Serum to hydrate and condition lashes and help your lashes grow longer and fuller.