Watercolor Your Eyes for Spring

Watercolor Your Eyes for Spring

Posted by Paula Pennypacker, Founder on Mar 10th 2020

Now is the time to change your look with the change of the season and experimenting with eye shadows and eyeliners is exciting and can reflect the warm colors of Spring. And since eyes are the window to the soul in this blog we will offer a few makeup tips to brighten that window so you may blossom into Spring.

What better way to blossom than to embellish yourself in a rainbow of soft nudes, lavenders, and blues? Although I believe that too much color, for eye shadow, on us redheads can be extreme. It can compete with our beautiful red-toned hair color, why not be adventurous and try our Eye Shadow Universe palette? This fun pallet offers a variety of colors in a fun sampler size to see which shades work best for you and will be a great addition to your makeup reboot as well as test out your artistic side.

Also trending this spring are dreamy-looking eyes embellished in a magical watercolor look. Watercoloring your eyes is quickly gaining popularity as it's a technique that will give you a soft, fresh look. Unlike most eye shadow looks, this style does not have defined edges in the creases and corners of your eyes. Rather this look imitates a watercolor painting with soft pastel shading. To get Chantel's watercolor eyes look use our Redhead Pro-Warm Makeup Palette. Chantel used Antique Frost, Peach Pearl Frost to get her look. Luxury and creativity become one with our one-of-a-kind makeup palette that includes 4 mineral eye shadows, 2 Blushers and 1 dual foundation.

WATERCOLORING TIP: Apply your desired color on the inner corner of your eyes, then in the middle of the lid and on the outside edges. Next, blend these two colors in a watercolor blurry/blended look. You want to end with edges that are not well defined, but rather fade as the color is blended outwards. This will give you the perfect “Watercolor” look.

Glitter is also back in style. Not those disco ball eyes but soft shiny ones that set the mood when they catch the light. Our Cream Eye Lighter Frost Shadows come in an amazing low frost blue, pink, nude, taupe, and cream color. This formula is soft and blendable and would be perfect for creating your watercoloring look. 

Last but not least -- always remember -- don’t let the sparkle wear you, you wear the sparkle! 

Get Chantal's Look: GingerAuburn Mascara, GingerGold Brow Pencil, Pro-Warm Palette shadows in Antique Frost and Peach Pearl, blush in Pinch-in-Pink. Mudslide Eye Liner, Lipstick Mineral Beach.