Perfect Spring Lips

Perfect Spring Lips

Posted by Guest Blogger: Tiia K Casey on Feb 10th 2020

The secret weapon to complete the perfect look are your lips. I have recently revisited every one of my JFR lipsticks in order to help you with your color selections. Creating that perfect look for day or night is a click away. Each Lip Kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lip and matching Lip Pencil. How fun!  Below are our Liquid Matte Lip selections with their companion Lip Pencil. These top selling formulas will last all day and not dry out your lips.

The Ginger Spice Long Stay Liquid Matte & S’mores Gel Lip Liner is a flirtatious mixture that defines the lips in dark earthy tones with a golden sheen. Dark lips are in and with this liquid matte it is sure to show off your sassy self.

The Nude Long Stay Liquid Matte & S’mores Gel Lip Liner is a playful approach. Its muted pink hues and satin shine lined with our S’mores lip liner is a more casual day look.

If you're looking for that romantic drama aspect, Red in Rome Long Stay Liquid Matte & Red Velvet Lip Liner, is perfect for you. It reaches a snow white standard that stands out to express your bold chic.

Our Coral Long Stay Liquid Matte & S’more Gel Lip Liner is true to its name. The fun colorful reflects the pink pastel of a coral reef. 

Tiia top pick? Liquid Matte in Ginger Spice. 

Check out our other fun JFR Lip Sticks below:

    • Transformative- Glossy, bright, smackers, shiny- lip smacking juicy shine
      • Brazilian- pink
      • Precious Coral- orange sunset
      • Starlet- purple red
    • Lipshines- natural tones, still has the shine, everyday look
      • Pure- darker pink, the more dramatic
      • Buff- lighter pink, the more playful
    • Matte Classic Matte- shinier matte
      • Matte Audrey- pink brown
      • Red Carpet- red carpet worthy, jessica rabbit look, brighter red
      • Casablanca- dark subtle red, day or night look
      • Hollywood- light pink with shades of brown for a natural look
      • Curtain Call- theater worthy dark purple plum color, dramatic night look
      • Vivian- juicy tan with pink undertones, standout
      • Spice it up- spicy, sassy deep red with light gold undertones to express your refined personality
    • Matte Lip Celebration- staying power
      • Mineral Toasted Russet- darker pink evening look for dramatic day
      • Mineral Antique Tucsan- lighter day look, pinkish
      • Mineral Enchanted Brick- fav, borderline red with gold tones that catch the light
      • Mineral Crimson Wisp- bright red, dramatic romeo and Juliet lips a kiss of death?
    • Cream- creamy soft colors, dewy
      • Enchanting- purply brown, captivating
      • Goddess- innocent beauty not trying hard but gorgeous
      • Playful- barbie pink, soft not as hot
      • Toasted Gold- gold tones left in the toaster till golden brown careful you'll be hot to the touch
    • New colors
      • Cream Lipstick Rebellious Red- fiery redhead in you. Pinkish red for day or night look
      • Satin Lipstick Bourbon Street- Sassy sparkly gold shine, red with brown undertones
      • Cream Lipstick Playful peach- Bright light pink, lunch date or walk in the park playful
      • Vibrant Lipstick No Regrets- subtle light pink with tan undertones, an almost nude color for anytime
    • Lip plumper
      • Big pouty lips are in and this lip plumper helps you achieve that voluptuous look.
      • Lip plumpers in the past have left lips burning to achieve burn but still works
      • Feel more confident with naturally looking bigger lips, kissable
    • Retractable waterproof lip liners
    • Contour lip pencils
    • Waterproof Gel Lip liners
    • Smoochie Lip Gloss Travelers ‘
    • Matte lip stains
      • Coral- brighter pink
      • Nude
      • Ginger spice
      • Red in rome
      • Toffee
      • Fawn