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Age-Defying Neck Cream SAMPLE Jar
Age-Defying Neck Cream SAMPLE Jar
Compare at: $25.00Our Price: $7.99
NEUTRALIZER Professional Mint Face Primer
Item #NE
Compare at: $80.00Our Price: $34.99
Limited Edition
COFFEE BEAN<br> Ultimate Matte Shadow
Item #ESCB
Compare at: $40.00Our Price: $18.99
Item #LT+
Compare at: $50.00Our Price: $16.99
Item #GL+
Compare at: $40.00Our Price: $18.99
new! Mineral Matte FLIRT <br><span><i>Paula has done it again!
Item #BMMF
Compare at: $55.00Our Price: $29.99
More Durable
For Your active Lifestyle
Mascara Voyage New!<br><span>Active Lifestyle
Item #MV+
Compare at: $31.00Our Price: $14.99
NEW! Porcelain Hi-Def Concealer
Item #CC
Compare at: $40.00Our Price: $17.99
New! Matte Celebration Lipsticks
Bonus Brush!
MINERAL BAKED  EYE ORBIT SIERRA SUNSET - New!<span>Two Incredible Exclusive Shades!
Item #EOS
Compare at: $55.00Our Price: $24.99
Four Top Sellers In One Compact! Then Order Individual Favorites
Pret a Portez<br> Makeup Compact<span><br>Ready to go when you are!
Item #PAP
Compare at: $70.00Our Price: $29.99
Item #SEK+
Compare at: $100.00Our Price: $49.99
Hand Crafted In Italy- Mother's Day Super Sale!
JFR Argan Oil
Item #AO
Compare at: $69.00Our Price: $29.99
Invisible Lip  Sealer  Liner
Item #LSL
Compare at: $40.00Our Price: $18.99
The Future Of Redhead Skin Care Is Here
Redheads Dream<br> Enzyme Skin Care <span></span>

"Just For Redheads is a first-rate company. There products are excellent, shipping is lightning quick, and customer service is first-rate." - Barbara Burns, NY
"The new Mascara Voyage is your best mascara yet! I love the new wand- wonderful coverage-This mascara does not come off till you take it off! Love, Love, Love!!!" - Sandra Brassil Charlotte, NC
Love this company!! - N. carlson, OR
"The quality is second to none! Paula has made a line of products for each colour of red hair. I have been using these products for almost 20 years and have never been disgruntled with anything I have purchased. Thank you Paula!" - BB Anderson Mt Pleasant TX
"I absolutely LOVE the creme eyelighter eye shadows.

Can't get a finish like that with a regular shadow - even if I used a bunch of different professional make-up brushes!
It was effortless...I even applied it with the tip of my finger!" - Remy O'Connor, Chicago
Every fall & winter my hands dry and crack. This year has been no exception until I tried JFR's new Cucumber Lotion. The lotion soaks right in moisturizing my poor hands without leaving them greasy. Great new product!! - Naomi Townsend, NY
"Love Just for RedHeads. The products look so good on our unique skin tones. I appreciate the info available online and personal consultation by e-mail to help me make my selections!" - Mellisa Evans, LA
Thank the Gods for JFR, it's the best beauty products I've ever used and I'll never stop using it! Kind regards, A greatful redhead! - Aurora Fjeldheim, Norway
"Wonderful Products! Arrived in ultra-fast time & I received a free gift! Excellent in every way! THANK YOU JFR!" - Robin Garvin, GA
... I have never received more compliments on my copper hair color as I have now that I use your Henna...LOVE IT... - Kim Smith, OH
Love your mascara. I will NEVER buy anything else. All my life I have searched for a product that would look natural with my hair. Now I have you. - Sandra Stanger, MO
Thanks for always being prompt and dependable. I love your products. -Sandra Jenson, IL
LOVE your products - the only makeup that's ever looked natural on me. - Karen Lindsey, MD
I love JFR bronzers! All the others I have tried have made my skin look "dirty" the JFR bronzers gives me a healthy glow!!!! - Laura,So.Cal.
I'm constantly getting compliments on my JFR lipstick..My son always knows what I want for holidays.. JFR gift certificate! - Tammy Delany, GA
I absolutly LOVE your mascara!- April Cummin, MT
Thank you very much for your products. JFR products are gradually replacing everything else in my makeup bag. This is truly the greatest gift a redhead could possibly find for herself, the colors are perfect for the skin tone and hair color. - Lena, New York
JFR Mascara is wonderful. Please please please keep making it forever. - Maggie Koerth, MD
I love JFR mascara, I would not use any other kind. And the customer service is great, they are polite and quick to answer any questions - Sandy Denison, London