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From Mascara Naturelle to Mascara Supreme, JFR mascaras are the choice of redheads and professional makeup artists worldwide because they enhance a redhead's natural and unique coloring. They allow your to feel more comfortable in your own skin instead of getting with a product made for someone else.
All of our formulas are hypo-allergenic and completely fiber-free.

Our shade selections offer unlimited blending possibilities to create the exact look you desire on any occasion. Whether your lashes are ultra-light, dark, or somewhere in between, JFR has the right mascara for you. You can select from a variety of formulas, depending on your individual needs.

To condition your lashes try our top-selling, fiber-free Lash Thickener and Conditioner.
To grow and rebuild your lashes try our JFR Lash Growth Serum -- it is absolutely amazing!

Selecting Your JFR Mascara
Spice Supreme Waterproof
Now Available!
Mascara Supreme <br> Sensitive Or Waterproof
Item #x+
Compare at: $48.00Our Price: $19.99
2015 Formula Now Shipping!
Mascara Naturelle 2015
Item #+
Compare at: $21.00Our Price: $9.99
More Durable
For Your active Lifestyle
Mascara Voyage
Item #MV+
Compare at: $35.00Our Price: $10.99
Perfect Camera Ready Eyes
Mascara Studio
Item #G+
Compare at: $35.00Our Price: $12.99
Hollywood Selected For
Susan Sarandan Movie
Mascara Mystique<br>
Compare at: $45.00Our Price: $14.99
Lash Thickener & Conditioner
Item #LASH
Compare at: $45.00Our Price: $19.99
 Lash Growth Enhance Serum
Compare at: $79.00Our Price: $29.99

for Redhead Mascara
"I absolutely LOVE your mascara!"
-- April Cumin, MT
"I can't live without my JFR mascara! Thank you for looking out for the redheads in the world!"
-- Karen Dougherty, GA
"AWESOME! I bought a variety of your mascaras to experiment with and I like them all. I have transparent lashes and have used a rainbow of colors and brands over the years. Not one of them looked right for my hair color and complexion. JFR mascara blows ALL the others out of the water. I can look natural without looking like an albino lab rat. YAY! I am officially a convert and will be buying this product again...and again...and again!"
-- Susan Kopelli, FL

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